August 13, 2012

aug goals

july was a truly crazy month. so much happened that i won't even get into, but some major blows came to the goals. so i'm moving forward with most of the same ones for this month (which is practically half over)

1. water: six glasses per day; at least four of actual water

2. food: four veggies/fruits, two dairy, two healthy oils and lean protein. also trying to decrease my sugar and grains since nearly half my diet is carbs. delicious delicious carbs

3. routine: still trying to get my shit together. it'll probably be easier now that the olympics have ended *le sigh

4. workout: i dropped full workouts because i have zero motivation. instead i'm focusing on strengthening my back. i'm supposed to be doing various exercises daily from my chiro. guess how many times that's happened :p so it's up on the to do list

5. me time: also dropped off on my journaling and reading. it's on the agenda again though since i generally feel better when i can do both regularly. keep saying that. then i get distracted by things like diving and gymnastics ;)

in addition to my goals, i need to start gearing up for another semester. my last as a master's level student. eep! still wrapping my brain around graduating in december... but first, bedtime before another short week of work :)