July 6, 2012

july goals

so i didn't do terribly with june's goals, but i didn't really excel either. not changing much for july since i really want to get things under control before taking next steps, with the exception of water intake and productivity. i kinda crushed both of those :) i also managed to do well with getting on top of my diet. salmon with couscous and brussel sprouts > cheetos

1. water: six glasses per day. water isn't just water though. it's any non-alchoholic, non-carbonated drink (tea, milk, coffee, juice...). however, i only count two of those per day so that's four glasses of actual water

2. food: taking a cue from the weight watchers "good health guidelines" - three veggies/fruits, two healthy oils, two dairy and one lean protein. seems like a lot, but it really isn't. still working my way back up to five veggies/fruits per day; the rest i've kinda been doing unofficially

3. workouts: spinning impedes my budget goal so i'm dropping it for the month. instead, i'm going to start using our community gym. i have no good excuse for not using it before. it's time to change that. three workouts per week starting with 20 minutes per workout

4. mornings: slightly shifting the schedule. up by 7a to hit the gym, shower and eat; out the door by 815a to get to the office early. cause if i get to the office earlier, i can duck out earlier on fridays

6. boundaries: i've been doing WAY better about staying focused and being productive now that i'm making daily to do lists. however, i need to start establishing more work boundaries for myself. school starts up next month so i'm going to need blocks of time dedicated to it alone. this means having a clearly defined schedule for the day job and side business

7. bedtime: still giving myself at least an hour to journal and read a little each night. lights out by midnight is an absolute must. i know i'm not getting nearly enough sleep, but i'm also an old lady who can't sleep in on weekends anymore. it's total bunk

now let's see how well i've done this past week despite setting goals today ;)