July 2, 2012

review: #bengay zero degrees

BENGAY® cold therapy

so a little while back, i was approached about reviewing a newer bengay product. since i'm not an 85 year old grandma with arthritis or joint pain, i'd never bothered with bengay. that's changed over the last couple months... (using bengay, not becoming elderly... sorta...)

my little package arrived during what would have been the perfect week. i was planning to restart my workouts. plus i was dealing with pms muscle ache/pains. i'll try just about anything to soothe my cramps. unfortunately, the many workouts didn't really happen, but i did have plenty of opportunities to use it. here my bullet point highlights :) [would have written a more cohesive post, but i'm a bit short on time]

initial thoughts (unfrozen):
- packaging has a funk, but product actually is kinda nice. i'm weird and like the smell of menthol
- menthol scent fades over time
- easy to apply, like a deodorant applicator
- muscles looser within minutes with slight tingling from menthol. made stretching much less painful so i was able to stretch more deeply
- will stick to fabrics

- oh my god. i'm in love!
- not as sticky, just as soothing
- beware of overapplying. that tingling will become an unpleasant burning :-/
- menthol tingling/cold lingers after absorption, but definitely didn't stick. i think it might absorb quicker when "frozen"
- SO good for joints and muscles

i used it in vegas since i'm an insane person who went to the gym before 8 am (vegas time) every day. i wish they made small freezable packets or a travel sized container. hot plane + semi-liquid do not really mix. it did travel well to pa for a weekend with jesse though. think what you want; that shit came handy ;) and i used the hell out of it after aerial class. unfortunately, it has no effect on bruises heh... at this point, i take it on every trip away from home. i even brought for my dog/house sitting venture just in case. i'm still in love and highly recommend everyone pick some up

disclaimer of sorts: bengay sent me a full sized sample of bengay zero degrees along with a gift bag for reviewing their product. i received no other compensation, and everything above is my own honest opinion