June 14, 2012

new tricks

jesse: how was class?
me: it was such a struggle. can't pull/hold myself up very long. can't get in proper position most times. kept snagging silk on my love handles
and i can't wait to go do it again!!! :D

so the adventures continue. who could have predicted that? i heard about the new york trapeze school on elliot in the morning forever ago, which piqued my interest. then, as with most things, i completely forgot about it until someone else did it. sarah took a class in detroit and fell in love. interest = resparked. but my life is busy and i didn't think anyone would want to come with. blah blah blah one year later (or however long it's been. it's late people and my brain is le tired [update: was just looking at sarah's archives for aerial tips when it hit me - i've been thinking about this for almost THREE YEARS. what the hell took me so long?!])... rebecca went as her birthday gift to herself. i, in all of my jealous, commented on how i bet the post-class pain was worth every wince. so she convinced me to attend a class with her. peer pressure at it's best, folks :) it just so happened that our business meeting had to be moved, freeing up my thursday. one aerial silks class booked, one missed turn cause my gps is crazy and one sweet parallel park job later... i decided that my body is so not meant for cirque du soleil

waiting for class, i watched the trapeze class flip and swing and catch and climb a scary high ladder and twist and do some more flippies into the net. watching was exciting and terrifying. i want to try one of the trapeze classes in the future. though that one is about conquering (sorta) a fear... back to silks. having watched the trapeze students, i was feeling mega nervous. noticeably nervous, but all was well. i didn't realize how small they keep the classes. there were only four of us, and three were beginners. so there was plenty of time to learn and figure out each skill and get one on one support from the instructor. we learned locks and climbs and positions and flips and how to properly dismount without rope burn cause you slid from several feet up (or was that just me? ;)). it was SERIOUSLY hard. i'm exhausted from the effort, and my everything hurts. tiff (someone else into acrobatics?! woot!) mentioned her gym offers a strengthening and conditioning class. i need to work on my core and arm strength. i also need to work on finding my balance/center when upside down. so i think i might slip in a couple conditioning classes at TSNY. i'm DEFINITELY going for more aerial classes... as soon as i find some openings in my ridic schedule

my life is getting funner by the minute, friends :) now if you'll excuse me, i need to bengay ALL THE MUSCLES and go the fuck to sleep