June 8, 2012

june goals

this is no great epiphany, but i've come to re-realize that i need to set concrete goals for myself in everything that i do. my life is easier when i'm crossing things off a list. bringing back some old "favorites"

1. water: i need to drink so much more of it consistently. i can get in four or five glasses on a good day, but i want to get in six. this is a must. i'm gonna be peeing like a pregnant lady, but at least i won't be parched

2. food: eat more veggies and fruits. we've been getting local/organic produce delivered to the apartment, which is super awesome. so i'm hoping that translates into more healthy lunches, dinners and snacks. breakfast is not as bad as the rest. current goal is two servings per day - lunch and dinner. as the season picks up and i adjust, i want to increase that back up to five

3. workouts: this is one of my biggest problem areas. i. must. get. my. ass. moving. spin class is a huge help, and i'm really loving it. however, that's only once a week since i have to ford the river into nova (nothern virginia for those who don't know ;)). i need to get at least two more workouts a week i think. i'm hoping that will get the fat down and the muscle up

4. sleeping: my bedtime routine is a mess. so is my morning routine. i never get enough sleep, and i have no real excuse for it. my goal is to be in bed by 11pm and asleep by midnight. that gives me seven hours for sandman action before i need to get up. eventually, i want that to be a 10 to 11 window for eight solid hours of snoozing

5. mornings: so the natural next step is getting my morning routine back underwraps, too. i need to stop laying around in bed for eternity, which really means "i need to stop checking twitter first thing when i wake up". i already changed around my phone home screens. so when i wake up, the first thing i'll see is my daily agenda. the goal is to be awake up 7am and in the shower by 730. that leaves plenty of time for a morning workout and some lounging. if i can get really motivated, i might shift my work schedule earlier, too. that'll be in july's goals ;)

6. money: stop wasting it. stop grossly exceeding the budget. stop playing the credit card transfer game. the rest of the year is going to be tight moneywise. not as tight as i first anticipated thanks to some surprise extra cash. however, i still need to be on my game. i'm going to be ramping up some more smartypig savings for trips, but i need to start partaking in more free fun this summer

7. journaling: i started writing in my journal again to keep my crazy in check. i always forget how much i enjoy a conversation with myself. it's easier to resolve or understand things when i get them out of my head, but not everything is blogable. though, there are some blog posts hiding in there. my goal is to journal every day before going to sleep; so far i'm up to every other night. getting there

8. reading: another piece of the bedtime ritual is reading for fun. i'm making the time for something i love, and i want to do it every day. just like journaling, it's been inconsistent. however, this should be one of the easier goals for me to meet since i love a good story

9. connecting: during the semester, i threw together a highlights email for my closest girls. it was essentially the top three/five things going on in my week. i miss them constantly, and the email was a nice simple way of staying in touch. i want to keep that up despite it having been a self care semester goal. self care never ends (file under: things i need to remember more often). i also want to further connect with my blog/twitter friends. first step in that is keeping up with what's actually happening in my internet circles. setting aside some time for reading blogs and checking twitter is necessary

10. productivity: i need to reprioritize my day. i mention connecting and interacting with my online peeps, but i spend most of my time playing catch up. yes, i have a bit of fomo, but i'm also too disorganized to manage my day. this has been the week of "i don't actually know what i did for the last five hours", but i know i did something. so i'm bringing back my trusty post it note to do list. that'll give me a way to structure my days in and out of the office so that shit gets done without sacrificing time somewhere else or just going through the motions

it's not much, but each piece is important. i fell off a wagon somewhere, and this is my attempt to climb back on