August 9, 2012

one year

"do you know what today is?" "um... track starts at the olympics?" "no. what's today?" "..." "..." "oh... it's been a year..." "yea" "or you know it was a year yesterday" "..." lol

conversation with the madre last friday. grandma's been gone a year. i kinda forgot; she got the date wrong. we were both trying not to think about it. it's a little sad, but you do what you have to to get through the day. today was also significant. it's one year from the day i said goodbye for the last time. not as tough as i was anticipating though

i have teared up a few times at random moments over the year, but mostly it's been ok. i still miss her, and i know i always will. but i definitely haven't cried like i did the first couple months. more often, memories of her make me smile

a smile and some sass. best gifts granny ever gave me :) <3