April 18, 2012

reversing the stress

reorganizing/updating my schedule gives me a happy. so i did a little of that this afternoon. forget the 6am wake up call. screw sunday homework. i wasn't doing it, and seeing it on the calendar was adding to my stress. i do need to find time for homework catch up, workouts and being domestic. i just won't try to pack as much into each day of the next three weeks (eek)

i also need to increase my accountability since i've obviously been majorly slacking. i'm turning to my mistress, tumblr for certain updates. (weekly meal and workout plans if you're interested) i've totally fucked up my goal to lose 17 pounds by bisc, but i'm still going to try getting back to my original weight watchers goal. i'm not going back to ww (mr. piggybank says, "denied!"), but i did save all my books and shit. so it's time to stop putting burritos where my mouth is. you know, instead of my money heh... well, i thought it was funny...

now i need to read some chapters, work on some presentations and think about what to cook next week. so i bid you adieu for now :)