April 9, 2012

dear, self

you're slowly giving up on everything. it's time to snap out of it before you pull the walls down around you

get back to your old comfortable routine. work out when you can because you know there is time. remember vegetables? you were actually starting to like them. you might want to try liking them again. your goals aren't that lofty if you actually put forth the effort

plan ahead and stick to it. you know there will be road blocks, but they're much smaller when you're better prepared. the hurdles really aren't all as bad as the doubt wants you to believe. speak up when you need to instead of waiting until it's almost too late. people can help if you're willing to ask

keep things in perspective. situations are temporary, but real progress takes time. neither fast tracking or avoiding will help you get through this. you have to remember to keep moving forward, head held high. all the help in the world can't change a thing if you decide to stop being the driving force in your own life

try to remember that, too