January 16, 2012

bisc 2012

i'm trying not to bounce off the walls since i'm in the office, but i'm SO EXCITED! i registered for my first bloggers in sin city today. 2012 is my year of travel (and dinner parties/game nights... it's a big year). i kicked off the new year with work trips (boo), but i'll end the year with weddings (woot!). in between all of that? BISC. i've been wanting to go since the first time i read about it on katelin and rachael's blogs. happy hours, pool lounging, cheese plates, shows! who doesn't love an insane good time?

this year includes a cirque performance, which solidified my decision. i was originally going to go if i saved up enough to afford it sans credit cards. fuck that! CIRQUE DU SOLEIL! so instead, i snagged one of this year's 60 spots a few minutes after registration opened. i'm going to find a way to make it all work (hey there, tax refund), including stalking flight deals like it's my job

the other awesome thing is there's a chance i could attend for free. a new app which provides wallpaper for iphones, paper'd, is cosponsoring the event. i may not have (or want) an iphone, but i do like free things. you should go check them out; i'd be all over the app if i didn't have a blackberry. maybe if enough of us beg, they'll build an app for us ;) entering the giveaway is pretty easy; i just did with this silly squee-controlled post. maybe you can snag one of those last bisc spots and enter the registration giveaway, too (former is highly encouraged; latter is just a joke. don't enter :))