January 15, 2012

meet brutus

in case you haven't heard, i have exciting news :)

I BOUGHT A CAR (well, suv :p)

and then four hours later, i had an accident. no one was injured; both cars were banged up pretty good

after a couple weeks at the shop, he's looking all shiny and new again. it took so long because of the holiday and an issue with ordering some parts. buuut he was ready when i got back from a work trip so all is well

he wasn't my first choice because i wanted the hybrid model. unfortunately, hybrids are in secret production it seems. some people have been able to get them, but little old me can't :p so i went with the non-hybrid highlander. of course non-hybrid is cheaper so my bank account is happy. (not thinking about my loan drama right now) he has the tech package so i have bluetooth, satellite radio and a back up camera. i'm having running boards added on, too. they came in last week so i need to schedule my service visit soon :) besides the tech package, my favorite feature is the V6 engine. brutus tops out at 140mph, and i may or may not have gotten him up to 100 on the highway the other day... i'm not a fan of the mpg, but i'm trying not to let that bother me. it's always going to be an adjustment going from a midsized sedan to a midsized suv *sigh*

overall, i'm very happy with my first big girl purchase. plus my sales guy was fantastic (chris w at fitz annapolis) and made everything so easy. now i just need my tags so we can be officially official :)