December 5, 2011

we heart mondays 11

the good news: i am on my way to getting my new 4 wheeled baby, a 2012 highlander hybrid. closed out my smartypig goal today :D

the bad news: 1) i was denied the full amount of the loan i wanted. i've never been given an amount of that size (no shit. this is my first adult purchase, people), and my credit union thinks i have too much debt (fucking student loans, which aren't even due yet). so the loan officer offered to give me less than half of what i originally asked for. technically, my ask was 10k over what i really need, but they weren't willing to meet me in the middle *sigh* 2) i want the standard model, which is only built in japan. japan still hasn't fully recovered from the earthquake so highlander hybrids are only available for special order. this means i won't be behind the wheel of a sweet new suv for six to nine MONTHS 3) the back and forth of this shiz is making my head spin and my tummy ache. doesn't help that i'm pmsing so nearly everything is THE END OF THE WORLD

i decided i don't care how long it takes to build and ship. i want my hybrid. i'm going to talk to my guy on thursday about deposits, estimated totals and my actual order. since i only have to put down a deposit, i have six to nine months to clear some debt (i'm looking at you credit cards) and research other financing. i'm not letting anything deter me from what i want