December 4, 2011

package fun

so i'm an asshole. i participated in carissa's awesome fall package swap and NEVER POSTED ABOUT IT. kimberly was my partner who sent me the cutest box of goodies. gloves, votives and pumpkin bread mix. she threw in fantastic, decorative cloth leaves that i'm holding on to also. i haven't used the mix, but it's never the wrong time for pumpkin goodies :) perhaps i'll make bread for xmas brunch [sidebar: SO excited we're not traveling this year]

sorry, kimberly, for being an ungrateful jackass. my only excuse was stress about school overshadowed everything in october *hangs head in shame* glad that you liked your box

carissa is holding another swap since the 1st went so well. my partner, annie, is in ireland. i almost died when i got carissa's email since i'm kind of in love with ireland and all things irish. i'm going to work on my package to send today, but i have to admit that i'm moreso looking forward to what annie might send :)

and speaking of packages, i'm so excited that a bunch of christmas gifts came in last week. i'm looking forward to boxing things up to send out to my favorite peeps. i also need to get cracking on my holiday cards... so much to do, and the new year is fast approaching!