January 5, 2012

winter love

i left work today all bundled up because winter finally came to maryland. our front desk receptionist walked out ahead of me

"back into the cold" "yeaaaaa" "and i hate the cold"

people say stuff like this all the time. we complain year round about the weather wherever we are, constantly wishing it were better. well, i'll have you know that i am quite content at the moment. i thought about it almost the entire drive home. i really do love winter and early spring; here are some of the reasons why...

scarves and fleece everythings || cozying by the fire || my super cute peacoat that matches my wellies || the holidays and random family traditions || being able to bake for hours without melting in the kitchen || eggnog, candy canes and way too many cookies || snuggling under blankets || soup and sammiches || snow and college hoodies || early sunsets || the superbowl || trees encased in ice || parents dressing their kids like randy || warm chai in my big mug to warm my hands || our anniversary || first blossoms of the season || victoria's secret spring collection || counting down to my birthday || light sweaters and jackets || rolling out my favorite heels || spring cleaning and donating so much stuff || getting my easter basket from mom || spring weddings || butterflies and bees || stanley cup playoffs

there are things i don't like, and there are things i adore about the warm months. however, december to april will probably always top my list :)