February 8, 2012

17 in 15

so i've slowly been creeping away from my goal weight over the last six(ish) months. yes, it started with the death of my grandma. yes, it got a little worse with fall semester stress. yes, it got out of control with the holiday season. yes, i'm putting on the breaks. i'm not WAY off base when you look at my numbers, but my eating is a mess with few workouts to speak of

as of today, i'm starting over. my suggested weight: 118-128. my ideal weight: 128-130. my current goal weight: 120*. my deadline is bisc**. this gives me 14 weeks to drop that shit like it's hot. i'm going back to planning every meal with fruit and veg, and i'm going to move three to five days a week. for every extra calorie i burn, i'm only going to eat half (like i did when on weight watchers) if i'm hungry. i will not stuff my face just because the wiggle is there. it's time to stop making excuses and putting shit off. i don't want to end up where i started nearly three years ago. i like this person i've become, and i promised i would keep her

today's weight: 136.6; 16.6 to go (ps it's moments like this that i especially miss the IITGI community)

*this allows for a little gain back while staying within range. gaining is inevitable. i'm hoping for muscle, but we all know that's gonna be tequila weight
**i'm not doing this for bisc; it's just a great hard deadline. otherwise, i may drag this out instead of working at it consistently