February 6, 2012

self care

one of the big concerns in counseling is taking care of ourselves. we give and we give to others, but often forget to give anything to ourselves. one of the requirements for my practicum class is to create a self care plan for the semester. each week we must have a goal and write up a report on how we did. i've gotten better about self care over the last couple years, but i still struggle to make time. and now i'm struggling to put together a real plan since this is a class assignment. even though it doesn't matter what's on the plan, it's pressuring to know i'll be graded on how i treat myself :p

some of the things i've thought about: working out, reading for fun, blogging more, finding a therapist/going to therapy again, hanging out/staying in better touch with friends, playing video games (still haven't opened the ones i got for xmas)... all things i've been trying to do anyway (well, except for finding a new therapist). i'm just not sure how well i can stick to any of them. i want my down time to be full of fun things, but i tend to have too many options that overwhelm me. isn't that sad? "fun is overwhelming." time spent not doing homework, working on the business or doing (when i have it) work work seems like time wasted. or i have 4000 blog posts/show episodes i want to catch up on that never get read/watched. i know that's not the right way to look at it, and i'm working on shifting my perspective. it's just hard when i have five chapters to read for class, but take time for myself first. i had the same issue last semester. i got a little bit better, but dropped off towards the end. everything was stressing me out. i don't want the same thing to happen again

so i keep going through my mental list of fun things. shuffling my options, but never picking anything. i need to make some decisions soon since plans are due thurs. ugh sometimes i hate being in my own brain. can anyone save me from myself?

[ps - internship acquired supporting a substance abuse program. i'm not entirely thrilled, but at least i have something. i'll be leaving shortly to meet with the program director to discuss specifics. *fingers crossed* this semester won't be the horrible experience i've concocted in my head]