February 2, 2012

wine & love12

another week has gone by? what the WHAT?! let's get down to business friends :) [go visit nora; she started this shiz and is pretty fabulous all around :)] 

reasons my glass is double:

- woke up with my two day doom headache. if by doom, i mean pms. and if by headache, i mean complete body meltdown of PAIN

- still spinning my wheels on internships. i don't want to have to drop practicum this semester, but i'm down to my last real hope. if she doesn't respond, it's not going to be pretty :(

- already behind on my class readings. i'm not quite back in an academic mindset it seems

reasons i'm loving this week:

- body shop issue was resolved, and i didn't have to pay anything extra

- got my w2 and filed my taxes. i usually mail my returns in, but i opted to file my state return electronically. deposit should clear my account by monday :D that'll cover my vegas travel expenses. fed return should cover the rest

- my mom is mega jealous because i'm going to see alvin ailey next week. sorry, i'm not sorry. it's going to be SO amazing

- neal sends me something every day so we can both remember not everything in the world sucks all the time. today's happy is one of my favorite sytycd group performances

- we got bonus notifications this week. another big payout is a month away! that should take care of wedding travel + bridesmaiding and crush a couple debts. this is why it's hard to just walk out on  my job; it covers my fancy ass when i get a little crazy with visa

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?