January 26, 2012

wine & love11

let's pretend that i'm not a horribly inconsistent blogger these days. hooray for nora's weekly meme!

reasons my glass is double:

- my ravens lost to the damn patriots, and now our defensive coordinator is leaving to be indy's new head coach. both of these events are crushing my soul

- this woman i'm assisting is working all my damn nerves. she keeps compromising a file we're both working on so i have to fix it every time i open it. HUGE waste of time. three rants in the last 24 hours, and i'm still stabby

- my internship fell through for the semester. i either need to convince someone to bring me on at the last possible minute (class starts tonight) or drop practicum. under plan b, i'll be a semester behind for my graduation requirements

- got a call today that i might owe another $250 to the body shop for brutus' repairs. they're willing to work something out with me, but that's still aggravating. hoping my agent can get that shit sorted right quick

- i'm getting nervous that bossman won't approve my expenses from my work travel. company owes me money on top of my overtime pay, which i didn't calculate entirely until after my travel request was approved. i'm pretty sure cost would've been about the same if i'd flown and rented a car. still worried that the vp will throw a hissy about his budget so my boss will have to reject the report

reasons i'm loving this week:

- finally getting a software issue resolved so i could finish my online trainings. 100% complete way ahead of corporate's schedule. so i can put this potential work situation out of my head until april

- classes start today. i didn't feel much towards this semester until today when i packed my backpack. now i'm kinda excited to get rolling (despite the internship anxiety)

- finished my 4th book this week and got further into the marriage plot. i'm still back and forth in my opinion, but i'm looking to our book discussion sunday already. i've missed reading for fun so very very much

- last of my parts were installed this week. yay running boards! this weekend i'm getting everything cleaned out of the bitch so i can drop her off at my parents'. i also need to make a list of all the fixing up she needs. i'd like to give her to my brother as close to perfect as possible

- it's tax season! i'm still waiting on my W2, but i started popping in some stuff anyway. i love doing my taxes; yea, i'm a nerd. this may be the first year i do itemized deductions so there will be lots of playing with numbers :)

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?