October 1, 2011

a small scale story

so ages ago, jess asked about my scale. it's the eatsmart precision digital body fat scale, and i LOVE it. joyce reviewed it back in march, and it immediately got my attention. one of my few complaints about weight watchers is that they focus only on total body weight. so i could gain two pounds of muscle, but they would just see that i put on two pounds. i became obsessed with that overall number and fitting in to the bogus BMI limits. that's the main reason i quit ww. i love the program as a whole; i just hate the way they measure weight loss success. i needed something that measured those pieces that go into one's total body mass

so, a month after i canceled my membership, i bought my first scale. as an overweight kid who grew into an overweight adult, i HATED scales. i used to avoid eye contact with the little slider bars when i went to the doctor. oddly, the only doctor who ever expressed concern about my weight was my first pediatrician. i stopped seeing him shortly thereafter... buying my own scale was so terrifying at first because of my long standing fight with them. i spent two days looking at every single digital scale amazon sold to make absolutely sure that i wanted the eatsmart. (btw: sears sells them, too, but at full price). it was truly an exciting day when it arrived. i never would've thought that possible in my pre-ww days

this scale is fabulous and exactly what i wanted. i can track my percentage of water, fat and muscle. plus it takes a read on bone mass. they even give you the healthy guidelines for each reading in the instruction booklet. so i set up a spreadsheet to track every measurement. currently, i'm 132 pounds (the absolute top of my goal range), 27.7% fat (moderately high), 50.3% water and 36.7% muscle (both within range). i have 4.4 pounds of bone (also in range). i weigh in twice a week, and don't stress too much about the numbers like i used to do... well not stressing as much since i've lost five of the post-funeral eight i put on in august

did i mention it's pretty? (image via amazon)
why do i like this plastic and glass contraption? it has an auto on feature that recognizes me. if other people were using it, the scale would create individual profiles for each person. it uses it's memory of your last recorded weight to identify the user automatically. it's on and calculating the minute my feet hit the scale. it takes about a minute for it to get all the readings, and scrolls through the numbers a few times. i have plenty of time to jot the numbers down in my spreadsheet. then it turns itself off automatically, saving battery power. it's also easy to keep clean. even though i usually weigh in after showering, it can get a little dirty. lysol wipes and swiffer to the rescue :) the only issue is moving the scale. sometimes the slightest shift resets the calibration. i'd like to store it when not in use, but then i'd have to recalibrate every time. and i'm not that patient (it takes an extra minute, but i just don't wanna :p)

the lasts few months haven't always been pretty, but, at the end of the day, my scale is an awesome tool to help keep me focused on staying healthy