October 3, 2011

we heart mondays 3

from this week's fuff questions: where do you see yourself in five years? y'all know i have a plan for everything so i love this question :) after finally finishing my master's and getting licensed, i'll be counseling children and adolescents. i'll probably work with a group practice so i can build my client base. i will, fortunately, be able to set my own hours so i can continue to support mkn as well. the extra income will come in handy since i'll be married to jesse, paying a mortgage and prepping for our first born. i'll still be driven at 32 as i am now at 27 :) i can't wait for my happy little suburban life!

on to the cuteness...

hahah (via | originally annoying orange)
want! (via)
tea party, anyone? (via)
so cute (via)
tattoo lust (via)
seriously. tea party? ;) (via)
it's so tiny! (via)
i'm becoming obsessed with super high heels (via)
truth (via)
i love sappy stuff (via)