September 29, 2011

wine & love6

i really should do this weekly. there are some really rough weeks, but there have also been some spectacular ones. thanks to nora for starting this so i can learn to appreciate the good things a bit more :)

reasons my glass is full:

- bartenders in training who don't know how to make mojitos. only the second time in my life i've sent something back. [i thought it was the first. i forgot about the order my server got completely wrong and tried to tell me was what i had said when it totally wasn't. some assholes DO need to write down orders, especially in large groups]

-being late to child & adolescent again. we start 15 minutes early because no one wants to be there til 1045pm, but i have a class that is supposed to end at 8pm. i would be late regardless, and i told dr. p that on the first day. yea well group therapy has gone over every week because none of us wants to shut it (i'm one of the worst offenders). this week, i missed 10 minutes and the entire discussion of ODD. i might email dr. p cause i really think this isn't fair to me

- my headphones are starting to die. they're just a little over a year old *sigh* i have my eyes on a new pair, but won't be getting them quite yet because of other purchases...

reasons i'm loving this week:

- happy hours with leslie and julia, despite the liquor problems. also getting frozen yogurt after delicious guacamole and cuban sandwiches

- wednesday nights in general. jesse and i skype every week (yes, it's on the schedule. schedules keep me sane :)). we don't always have a ton to say, but seeing his face always makes me happy

- getting homework done ahead of my schedule. i have whole days i can spend reading blogs and tweeting sans guilt. i feel way more on top of my game than i have since undergrad

- no more limits on pandora. i've been listening to SO much good music this week

- my ravens beating the titans, keeping us on top of the steelers. love my boys! i finally bought a ray lewis jersey (2011 probowl), which should be here next week. the other one i really really want has to wait a little bit longer. it'll make a nice christmas gift to self i think :D (even though they don't make women's authentic ray lewis jerseys)

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?