June 6, 2011

spring fever week10

Life's Journey with a Smile

this week's questions:
  1. What have you done this past week to help achieve your goals?
  2. What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
  3. With two full weeks left in the challenge, what goals are you making your priority?
  4. Summer is just around the corner, which season do you find the easiest to accomplish goals?
  5. Fun Question: What do you miss most about being a kid?
question 1: (1) totally on track all week :) although, i still feel parched ALL the time (2) weighed twice over the weekend, getting my new baseline numbers. more about that below (3) another bad week since i was recovering from the move. i hope getting out of bed will be easier this week (4) i'm behind on my to do list, but i started cleaning finally. i need to tackle two items each day to finish cleaning this week. i also need to get those recipes on cards. must. stop. letting. things. pile up. so they aren't so problematic in the future (5) well everything's updated. miscellaneous fun isn't looking pretty though. i went over last month, and i'm already over for this month. good thing i always have extra money floating around for these situations (6) i didn't pull anything for this week, but i have supplies leftover from the last round. i'm making up my own cheese sauces in order to use up stuff before it goes bad. the shells with mascarpone and parm weren't bad, but definitely missing something. i was surprised how thick the sauce was yet the consistency didn't change as it cooled. might try less mascarpone though so it's a bit thinner. i didn't bake the pasta so i'm not sure how it'd hold up in the oven

question 2: setup my new scale and used it for the first time. all my numbers (fat, water, muscle and bone mass) are within normal ranges (take that, wii!), and i've identified areas i want to improve. i also made a new tracking spreadsheet to monitor my progress :) feeding my spreadsheet addiction is always fun

question 3: definitely focusing on the schedule and the to do list. i was doing fairly well on both, but have gotten way off track in the last few weeks. i'm starting to think it's because i'm on break from class. i always find it easier to get things done when i have way too many things to do. i'm so backwards :p

question 4: it seems that any semester i'm taking classes would be best for me. so fall and winter. although, this is the first time i've set goals like this so who's to say which season is best. i think for the summer, i'll keep working on my winter and spring goals instead of making new ones. i need to put more effort into the things i've gotten lax about

question 5: the most? i couldn't say. i miss someone paying for me. i miss saturday morning cartoons. i miss summer reading lists. i miss trying to move in with all my friends because their families were inherently awesomer than mine. i miss my daily cloverfield chocolate milk box. i miss having homework that was easy for me and always feeling like a smartypants. i miss playing board games with my sister (i kick her ass in everything)... i just miss being a kid in general i guess :)

via lance ramoth/fotoblur

i also miss running around and through the sprinkler, making mud "bricks" and stretching out on the deck to read a book. once the deck is cleared, maybe i'll spend some time at the parents' this summer :) work on my tan; finish some books ;)

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