April 30, 2010

one for my gnomies

last weekend was awesome and totally needed. i spent the weekend with my girls at EH's. it was slightly different than usual because she lives with her boyfriend, his sister and another roommate. so there were people everywhere for two days. as usual we sat around talking for the majority of the weekend. which is just what we all needed. there's far too much drama going on in people's lives: EH dealing with her future sister in law, JP dealing with work and HH dealing with her mother in law. however, there were also some fabulous things going on: EH has a new position under another doctor, JP is moving in with her boyfriend and HH is pregnant. it was so awesome catching up with them in real time, in person. even though we talk online pretty much every day, with occasional phone calls thrown in, nothing beats girls' weekends

it also put into sharp focus how little drama there is in my life right now. this time last year, i was freaking out about school (rightly so), still dealing with merger issues at work and fighting for a relationship doomed to fail. now, i'm at a school that actually seems to value and encourage me, no one demands crazy hours of me at work and i'm with a new guy who makes me smile every day. things feel right for a change. i still have insecurities and frustrations about my life, but they aren't as frequent... as i said to InSlut yesterday: i have a timeline in my head, and we're perfectly on schedule for where i want to be. but it's not restricted to just our relationship; it can actually characterize my entire life. i can't recall the last time i was able to make that claim about anything

i expect that things will continue to go swimmingly :)


Ebony Jewel said...

Nothing like catching up with your besties! Happy to hear you had a good time & it's great to hear that you and InSlut are right on schedule.

You are gonna kill me, but every time I hear the word swimmingly I think of sperm...don't ask me why! LOL

Alice said...

hey, thanks for the comment on my escort post! you should totally look into it - it's been SUCH a great experience and takes so little time/effort to make a big different (so you get big karma points without having to do too much, haha)

isn't it awesome when you realize everything is going so well?? it makes for less blogging (for me, at least) but that's a tradeoff i'm willing to take :-)

Amber said...

I'm happy for you. It always feels really great when things start falling into place.

ShaynaLeahK said...

I love when life is going great --- I'm happy that you're at that fabulous stretch of time when everything is fitting together and going well!

Great way to kick off the summer!

Thanks for stopping by Life: Forward (http://LifeForward.onsugar.com) - I really enjoyed your comment - I hope you keep reading/commenting!

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