December 26, 2012

xmas 2012

heh sad that my first post in weeks is about my holiday gifties, but i do love documenting what i get each year. helps me organize my list for next year :)

bath & body works - forever red
carol's daughter hair products
the closer seasons 4-6
hunger games boxed set
heroes for my son
the wire boxed set
lego harry potter
epic mickey: power of illusion
sex & the city perfume
johnny walker black
"people i want to punch in the face" journal
meat thermometer
woodberry kitchen gift card

after opening presents all morning (well the first hour we were all awake ;)), mom and i made breakfast. then we had to haul a bunch of stuff to my place because the oven had a malfunction christmas eve. at least that was what we were told by my ridiculous father. we spent a few hours cooking, baking and watching auntie mame in the peace. we repacked christmas dinner and headed back to the house... to find my father had put the damn turkey in the oven to keep warm and everyone had eaten a late lunch. i maxed out my level of frustration. so i spent the rest of the evening drinking and talking to mom. i also made friends with my sister's dog. she's jumpy around people, but we're making progress through belly scratches. i finished my night with the preacher's wife with the madre. christmas continued today with a few more xmas movies, leftovers and a too short nap

i love being on vacation