January 8, 2013

kicking things off

i keep opening this box to blog, but there are too many things swirling in my brain. none of which are terribly interesting or "blogworthy"

- i graduated a few weeks ago, and i'm still waiting on my actual diploma. i kinda hate that they weren't printed for the day of the ceremony. i believe in immediacy, bitches. i think it'll arrive in the next couple weeks though. then i'm gonna get that motherfucker framed for my not office

- i'm equal parts excited and nervous about moving in a couple months. found places i like; sorting out what i'm willing to pay. also hinges on who will be living with me later in the year. pants and i are getting divorced. lol i love that we're calling it a divorce since he's my gay husband. but it's totally ridiculous to me how much our friends are freaking out. we're fully capable of living apart. plus we couldn't live together forever. it's like the world is ending for everyone, but us. reassuring people has been amusing and inane. our divorce party is going to be awesome though

- interning is going ok. i'm a wee frustrated since some of my clients are terrible at rescheduling. i did pick up a few new cases, but haven't made much progress with my previous ones. i'm learning to let it go though. this is their treatment. if clients/parents don't want to come, it's not on me to beg them to come get help. in the meantime, i don't have to make up as many hours for work this month. woohoo not working every sunday

those are the highlights on my radar. i don't really feel like thinking through 2012 or setting goals for 2013 just yet. though i may soon. my life is better with goals and schedules. i already have half that equation sorted out. just need to spend some time thinking about what i want from this year... for now, i'm gonna crawl into bed and play some epic mickey