November 14, 2012

fall goals

i need to get back into my routine, get back into the habit of taking care of myself. cause i've been off my game. clearly. i know what's wrong, and i'm stressed out... i didn't change my overall goals, but i haven't posted them or truly kept on top of them. plus a few got some alterations

1. food: four veggies/fruits, two dairy and two healthy oils daily. choose whole grains and lean protein. one grain or pasta per week. at least one all veggie dinner per week

2. walking (forget workouts): weekly step goal of 35,000 (5000 daily). for any day that i don't get at least 3750 steps, get on the treadmill before bed

3. stretch: back exercises daily and stretching through out the day while at work [signed up for fitbolt, which links to my fitbit, for desk/office stretches and activities]

4. weight: drop those annoying eight pounds by january 1st

5. teeth: floss daily

6. me time: journal & read for fun daily

7. routine: create daily to do list, don't procrastinate homework/assignments and pay attention to time

i need to get my good habits back before i spiral out of control. i did well for a month and a half, and then i got overwhelmed. only a few weeks remain in this semester (in the year!). so it's time to stop talking and start doing