October 9, 2012


the last few days have been crazy

- whirlwind weekend in tucson. bridal shower by the pool. naps & bouquet making. awesome food at rehearsal dinner. beautiful wedding. handful of mishaps. more good food and drinks. harassing the groomsman. fun after party. crazy sleep thanks to jet lag. brunch, booze by the pool and bbq. watching football throughout the day. another breakfast. more lounging by the pool. trip to an historical catholic mission. being a security risk. catching a few minutes of MNF. great conversations and a good movie flying home

- couldn't really get myself going this morning so i was a bit late to work. missed a meeting scheduled while i was out. cause i was seriously gonna jump on a call at 930 after a four day weekend. found out later that bitch from last week basically ignored my email. shocking. i'm furious and unsure how we proceed, but we sure as hell aren't going to be doing what she asked

- kinda freaking out schedule-wise. need to address the work issue plus work on my actual work project tomorrow after my chiro appointment. but dr. e just asked me to drop by to sit in on a new intake. so i have to cut my appointment short to meet her midday. meanwhile, i'm supposed to have a client at 6p and need to go to campus to handle some client notes. running up and down the highway when i need to be talking with my coworker and boss really isn't what i wanted to do with my day. at least the mkn stuff i may be able to put off til thursday. though i wanted to get some of that resolved before my next weekend away

so much for my post mini vacation happiness