October 5, 2012


written from the air. pants was nice enough to let me borrow his netbook for my tucson trip. he may regret this when i buy things from his amazon account MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

normally, i love to fly. when i was old enough, i flew to visit my grandma every summer. all by myself! thanks to dance and cheerleading, i had a few trips to disney after that. [ever been around when those obnoxious girls were doing cheers during take off? you're welcome] just after college came the cruises out of florida, the trips to see my scattered favorite people and the occasional work training. thanks to these trips, i've offically dubbed CTL the 3rd circle of hell. they really need to get their shit together down there

most of the time, i still love being in the air. i've even worked out a system for minimizing my wait time to fly out of bwi. i'm no morning person, but i always find myself more pleasant than usual with the airport staff. i even make jokes with tsa staff

but today

ugh today

i swear my seat is small then usual. the guy in front of me won't stop fidgeting violently. the guy behind me keeps vigorously fiddling with the seat pocket. and there is a crying baby. THREE HOURS OF CRYING BABY

plus i didn't have time to do my back exercises, and my spine is ready to stage an airplane coup

i hate everything

ps i'm pretty sure this women is going through an over the phone break up while waiting for her flight that's now delayed at least 90 minutes. that guy is a douche, and i hope something nasty happens to him