October 5, 2012


today has been interesting. i present:

met with my team member and bossman to discuss some background on a "big" issue that we've been dealing with for two weeks. there's another meeting tomorrow, but i'm gonna be laid over in denver (woohoo!). afterwards, sent a couple emails. one was informational because people don't listen to what i say and don't include me on their ridiculous conversations. i dare you to go against me on my policies and procedures. the second was much more of a smack down disguised as sharing information about former/current practices. a request was made, and since i won't be on the call tomorrow, i can't tell the requester she's been denied at that point. i'm anticipating some yelling on tomorrow's call, but at least bossman will be there to back up my coworker. i got none of me homework done because i spent most of my day dealing with the work bs and talking about office politics with my coworker. so faking my way through class was funtacular. at least i wasn't the only one feeling behind or rundown. whole class seemed to skip this week's reading

on the positive side, i'll be on a plane to tucson in seven hours. i'm all packed up and ready to go. SO excited for this mini vacation :D now, to sleep!