October 3, 2012


today turned out pretty well despite the fact i am only still awake by shear force of will

- closed out a project that should have ended two months ago. i shake my fist at all the people who tried to tell me "i didn't get your email." "i didn't know about this" "i took this, but my record doesn't reflect it and i am too busy to contact support to resolve the issue". stfu, you lazy motherfuckers. but it's done, and my team still thinks i'm awesome

- picked up my bridesmaid dresses. both look and fit WAY better now, and no one gave me any "oh, honey, you're just too fat" bullshit. they even fixed some of the issues DB refused to acknowledge but i decided to ignore for the sake of my sanity. price wasn't cheap, but the alterations were worth every penny. i'll be taking some pants over there when i have the time

- had a pretty good meeting with dr. g-c (one on one internship supervision). that man has pretty much figured me out lol. he's not going to fall anytime soon from his perch as my favorite prof. he always makes me think when we chat. that meeting was supposed to be followed by another. our MKN meeting had to be rescheduled so i got to come home, shove a panini in my face and feel calm for an hour

nothing else of note on my brain. i'm off to play some sudoku before the presidential debate and a chat with my honey :)