October 3, 2012


clearly, i fail at the whole "get to bed by midnight" thing. at least i've been super productive the whole time. and it's not that i can't sleep, i just haven't crawled into bed yet *sigh*

- skipped class because i just couldn't mentally make myself get there. instead, i took care of some work things and came home. i had a lovely nap. mental health afternoon = win

- part of the issue was my freak out over counseling hours. after napping, i sat down and did the math based on my current client load. it's going to be close, but i may actually be ok. just gotta get my clients to show up every damn week :p :)

- i finished two assignments, relatively, on time. not that my assignments have been late. i'm just working up until the last second cause that's the only way i know how to roll. you'd think after over two decades of being a student i would have learned to work ahead

- got our business VPN all set up, and i'm pretty sure i have the settings correct. we'll see after i shoot K & N the access info. of course, checking and playing with the tool kept me occupied for a good chunk of time

- so many emails to respond to and calls to make tomorrow. plus picking up my dresses from the tailor, checking on my hallmark ornaments, meeting with dr. g-c and then meeting K & N. never. ending. busy

burning my shit at both ends has just become an understatement. good night