October 2, 2012


this is my 251st post apparently. would be a huge milestone if it weren't for the fact, i practically never post. part of me wonders why i even opened this window. i'm so overwhelmed by things happening in my life, but i can't find the words to organize and attack

- i have back to back weddings the next two weekends. i'm in both. one's in tucson az; the other in richmond va. lots of travel, hairspray and happy tears are in my near future

- i have to cram all my homework into the days i'll be in md. i'm behind a couple weeks as it is so i really need to get on top of it all before midterm. i only have one exam, but i also have a bunch of write ups and two pappers as well

- i have to squeeze clients in during the week since i normally intern fri & sat. i'm already behind in my hours due to cancellations, no shows and some people who aren't fully committed to treatment. i'm trying not to panic though since my supervisor and another therapist keep passing me cases

- i made an interesting connection between my clients so my supervisor suggested we form a group. he thinks i should lead alone since it'd be focused on women's issues. i need to write up a proposal to present to our clients so i pulled what useful articles i could find. so far we have two interested clients, and i have a lot of extra reading

- there's a potential for three back to back birthday celebrations at the end of the month. another partially lost weekend means more cramming to get all my shit done. at least i'll get to see jesse for the first time in ages. working weekends + a glitchy laptop = major suckage

reaching the point where i usually shutdown, but trying my best not to let that happen. too much is riding on this semester. so i need to pull it together now before it's far too late. first step: not staying up til 2am for no damn reason. so, good night :)