September 6, 2012

wine & love 13

so... uh... it's been awhile. this month already seems to be getting away from me, and it hasn't even been a full week. perfect time to recap the crazy, no? [nora created this concept; suki is currently hosting :)] 

reasons my glass is actually full of jack:

- one of the requirements for my counseling class is counseling two first year students. scheduling the first was easy, but our first session was horrible. plus the recording got fucked up so i couldn't review. scheduling the second has been much harder

- worrying about getting enough practicum hours. i fucked up, and it could majorly bite me in the ass come time to graduate (as in, i may not get to graduate) :(

- random pangs of jealousy and sadness. new engagements, tons of weddings, new babies... i'm really really not patient enough for this level of uncertainty in my life, despite what i try to project to the universe and those around me

reasons my heart is full of love:

- long weekend spent dog sitting. we had our moments, but he's a sweetheart. hanging out with him really makes me want a dog of my own. plus his owners are so awesome; B cracks me up when she checks in

- short week in the office thanks to the holiday, working from home and my internship. sucks that i'm spending my time filling shred bins as part of the annual file management process. BUT at least i'm not twiddling my thumbs at my desk all day for a change

- had a great business meeting yesterday. we're shifting some stuff around and getting refocused in different areas. good days ahead :)

- despite the worry over hours, i have my first real client. i can't wait to do counseling with an actual person with actual problems (not that our students didn't/don't have real problems; we just never go terribly deep since it's only practice)

#adorable [source]
- new baby sloth at one of my favorite places: national aquarium in baltimore! katey said its head looks like a cartoon kiwi, and now i can't stop seeing it lol

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?