October 11, 2012


my head is still spinning, but today was WAY better than expected. there are still a few emails to send and docs to review, which i'm working through while talking to jesse (and writing this quickie post)

- chiro says i'm looking good. will probably discharge on friday as scheduled. woot! plus i still have a ridiculous credit (if i were going to have more visits this year) so all the visits are "free"

- work situation is in a holding pattern, but task in question may be removed from our plate. i sure as hell hope it is. it would be a cumbersome undertaking, which i'm still adamant shouldn't be ours to manage

- i'm going to be taking on a new task at my internship. very exciting :) new intakes and new reports to learn. plus there's the boost in my hours, which will be a HUGE help. not super nervous about being short hours, but it's always good to have a cushion just in case

- found a new counseling practice to try through my insurance. [thanks, corporate, for finally making it clear where to go for that info] gonna call to see if they're accepting new clients. i really want to get counseling again despite the issues with my last therapist

- i should not have bought this bag of musketeers. they are my favorite, and i've already eaten far too many of them. good thing i only indulge once a year ;)