October 11, 2012


i spent the entire day at my internship. four assessments - two observed, two completed. dr. e knocked them out in 30-45 minutes. my one took an hour and a half; the other just under an hour. then it took me nearly three hours to complete the reports

do. not. like

good thing i was already planning to miss class. otherwise, i would have been hella late, and it would've counted as an absence anyway (we have ridiculous attendance policies). i just can't get over that my one took 90 minutes and probably could've gone longer. i did have a pretty good discussion with dr. t though. everyone at the practice is awesome! i'll be doing these assessments every week going forward. i know i'll get better with time/practice, but i definitely need to focus on time management. something to discuss next class :)

now, back to packing. JP's big day is this weekend!!!