May 27, 2012

biscuit goodness

i have been mulling over what to say about bloggers in sin city, but it's hard to describe the best weekend ever. because 60 bloggers + four days of vip treatment + one city that hasn't slept since 1980 =

this was going to be the longest post i've ever written, but firefox decided it hates me. lost way too much to just rewrite at almost 2am. instead you get a bullet list and twitter screenshots that just scratch the surface of what last weekend was for me
  • meeting bob, tj and germana at the airport. getting johnny rockets for lunch. sitting on the floor of bisc command central trying not to fall asleep
  • meeting awesome donna, my roomie for the weekend. taking a nap in the ridiculously nice flamingo go room
  • margarita, quesadillas and conga lines on the carlos n charlie's patio. meeting ALL THE BLOGGERS
  • dessert tasting at serendipity3 that was WAY more than just a taste. great conversation with tara and cat
  • the best swag bag that ever existed. all my bases were covered when i forgot to cover myself: soap, snacks, water, pen
  • waking up at 530am and hitting the gym. because i'm insane. learning that our head bisc tour guide, nicole a, is also insane
  • getting breakfast at the venetian (with it's legit gondola rides INSIDE the hotel) with donna, suki and treavor. then getting petite baked goods and wonka candy
  • lounging by the pool in our reserved vip space with a complementary drink from gelaskins 
  • getting a bit of sun, "something with vodka" and an eyeful of unsolicited boobs
  • our own mikael winning the booty shaking contest, and i started losing my voice in the process
  • hanging out in suki and caryn's room. being introduced to asian snacks or, as i like to think of them, snacks of the devil
  • dinner at the buffet in paris with my slow eating partner, the lovely grace. i've decided she's the new audrey hepburn because she's one of the classiest people i know
  • zumanity in new york :) HOUSE CENTER SEATS BEHIND THE SOUNDBOARD!!!!! i got blinded a couple times, but I GOT BLINDED BY CIRQUE!. i'm totes ok with that. cirque made my bisc, and bisc only got better from there
  • getting a little cranky pants, but walking back to the flamingo with people who get me. chilling out at sin city brewing company with nic and a few others. hilarity ensued, which included an encounter with some drunk boys and red vines :)
  • flamingo's buffet, which was only missing some grits ;) lovely conversations with mikael, tj, treavor and nicole m
  • pool at capacity meant sitting on carlos n charlie's patio in the sun with grace. another excellent, thought provoking conversation over a round of margaritas. ps they have the coolest/nicest staff
  • quick nap. quick dinner at planet hollywood's buffet. quick souvenir shopping trip
  • seeing the ms. usa contestants with glammed out hair and makeup, walking around in sweats with plates of food. yes, they eat real food :p
  • mad men themed vip party on the rooftop of chateau. showing up the entire vegas strip with our awesomeness. bottle service. great view of the bellagio fountain show. dancing til my knees gave out, but singing at the top of my lungs always
  • more awesome conversations that lasted until 4am. still waking up to get to the gym, ups and sin city brewing before our final brunch. getting a beer at 10am
  • being surprised that so many people were early/made it to breakfast. bisc-uits are fully committed to brunching
  • wishing there were more time to talk to those i didn't get to spend as much time with
  • all the goodbyes, hugs and sads
  • spending the day with cat since we both had hella late flights. more excellent conversations
  • taking the red eye back to baltimore and reality. not finding my voice until thursday
  • plotting a trip to new york and wondering how i can get to texas, illinois and california next
  • updating my list because i met three goals at once. next year, i might knock off two more (thunder from down under, anyone?)
  • preregistering for bisc 2013 like a champ. a champ with a credit limit usaa may start rethinking soon
terra took the best picture of me, which i think sums up every day of bisc (crazy eye and all)

and here are some of my favorite tweets:
drunk dom

there are also a couple goodies coming your way. stay tuned, friendsicles