May 11, 2012


y'all i have ALL THE OPINIONS, and this has been the week for expressing them. with less than a week left until #bisc, i wish i could revise my five things slightly because i may or may not pull out my bitch pants in vegas (i'll try not to though)

i am political. i talk about it with anyone and everyone. i vote in every election i can. so much in my life relates to political issues in one form or another. i don't keep up with every little thing, but i follow certain people on twitter to get the important highlights

i believe in equality. for racial/ethnic minorities. for women. for the LGBTQ community. social policies should reflect and embrace this, and i will do whatever i can to make sure that happens. because i am political. did you miss that?

i am not religious. i often think about dedicating a post to my beliefs, but i've decided that's unnecessary. i believe in things, but my views are my own. only exception: i will never be on board with bigotry shrouded in christian piety. i will always put that out there for all to see and know. because i believe in true equality

sometimes i keep my opinions to myself. however, i've been bursting at the seams with events (personal and public) from this week. i doubt most of this comes as a surprise, especially if you follow me on twitter (why aren't you following me on twitter?!?) or read my about page. however, i wanted to reiterate these things just in case

still wanna be friends?