May 27, 2012

#bisc love for you

and now? time for the goodies. some of our sponsors obvs want you to utilize them. i happen to agree that they're pretty nifty :)

4by6 co-sponsored our first party at carlos n charlie's. thanks to them i have a bunch of awesome blogger business cards. i'm terrible about promoting my blog, but i seriously can't wait to give these babies out to every stranger i meet :) additionally, they gave us a set of postcard samples with designs from paper'd. i want to rub these cards all over my face cause they feel so freaking nice. i have no shame :p one of the cards is going up in my work cube because the quote is so relevant to my life right now
in their own words: "we print high quality postcards, business cards, greeting cards and more using your custom designs." what's not to like?

dearest readers, 4by6 wants you to like them as much as i do. for this week only, you can order 20 of their 4x4 square cards in satin for FREE. all you have to do is register with them and use code BISC4by6. easy peasy [the fine print: code is good for one use and is valid until saturday, june 2nd 2012. shipping charges are not included] i'm getting myself a set as soon as i can decide on a design :)

paper'd, in case you don't know, is a fabulous wallpaper app for your apple products. i'm super jealous that i can't get it on my droid, but that new ipod fund is in the works. they're not lying when they say it's "the addictive, lifestyle-inspired iOS wallpaper app that makes your device more you." just scrolling through the sample designs is addictive; they're always adding new stuff. have i mentioned that the app is also free? i didn't? for shame! cause it totes is :) they have a vast collection of free and not free wallpapers in the app. there is something for everyone so get on it

but wait! there's more :) crush hub sponsored saturday brunch and one lucky bisc-uit got hooked up with the costa rican surfer man of her dreams. crush hub is no ordinary dating site; it's a matchmaking game for friends. many of us have been through the agony of the match/okcupid/grindr creeps. jesse somehow made it through the crowd of misfits before i went into an online dating coma, and i couldn't be happier. however, if i were a single lady today, i would be all over crush hub. who better to send you great matches than the people who know you best? it's 99.99% creep proof (nothing is perfect, y'all ;)) it's pretty easy, too. 1) sign up at with code "schoonsense" (the site is still in private beta) 2) pick a single friend or your single self 3) describe your selection. who doesn't want to crowdsource their dating profile? cause talking about yourself is hard, yo 4) invite your facebook friends to join in the fun 5) get suggesting! your single friend can choose from all the potentials to get an introduction. potentials won't know what's happening, but game players will see it all

i really like the concept, and the mastermind behind it is pretty swell too. chris didn't come to just pitch his product; he actually hung out during the weekend. he's super nice guy, who also happens to be single..... checking out this facebook app is kinda making me rethink my stance on severing my relationship with facebook. keep in mind that this is still in beta. if you have any issues, concerns or suggestions, chris wants to know. there's a handy "feedback" button right at the top of the app page, and i'm pretty sure chris is personally reading every single item. so get on over and start getting your friends paired up :)

those are all the things i've got for today. but, since bisc gave me all the things to blog about, be on the lookout next for shout outs to our other sponsors. i already told you we got the best swag in the history of swag. i'd be remiss if i didn't share the specifics :)