March 6, 2012

giving back

one of my (un)official goals of 2012 is to make more donations to the causes i care about, about one a month. there was a chance that this wouldn't be possible because of changes at work. however, bossman worked me a deal to keep me rolling in full time monies. so i'm less worried about not being able to take care of me, which means i can help take care of others :)

awesomely, mandi from life in beta announced that, for her birthday, she wanted people to donate to animal rescues and welfare organizations. i figured that was an excellent way to kick off my personal year of giving. since i missed january, i donated double in february. one donation went to the maryland spca; one went to the world wildlife fund. mandi also attached a giveawy to the giving. and i won a print from hue and hum :) it's a small shop with beautiful work. i can't wait to get mine from caitlin!

i totally didn't do this for the prize though :p

i love donating. i wish i had more time so i could make other (non-monetary) contributions, too. when my life is less hectic, i am going to make that a priority :)