February 24, 2012

mental calm

i have a list of things i need to do. want to do. ought to do. guess what i'm not doing...

guess what else i'm not doing. obsessing. i'm not furiously updating my planner to capture all the readings i've missed. i'm going to do them, but i'm not writing them down. i'm also not updating and recalculating my received and projected grades for the millionth time. we got two of our first three grades back this week. perfect scores. normally, i'd write those in a crazy spreadsheet i use to determine how poorly i can perform and still pass. not today. i cheered in my head and went back to reading blogs. then i realized what a weird moment that was. that's so not like me

not sure if it's a good or bad thing since it's only one day. yesterday i was updating my planner with all the other stuff i need to do. tomorrow i'll be tackling as much reading as possible. there will be a little bit of both this afternoon. just not right now :)

[ps sunday was a complete fluke. no change since last week]