February 19, 2012

progress: 17 in 15

i've been weighing myself twice a week since i bought my scale last year. the goal was to use the numbers so i could adjust every few days, rather than wait a full week to see how my body was responding. my official weight watchers weigh in day was wednesday so that's my "real" number. that's the same day i'm using for my self challenge. sundays are my back up check in days. it's been a handy cycle for tracking how my body naturally fluctuates when i'm trying and when i'm not

that all being said, i weighed in at 130.8 this morning. a 6.6 drop since wednesday (6.2 since last sunday). a drop that shouldn't happen given my complete lack of exercise or smart eating choices last week. i'm not stress eating (even though i want to), but i'm eating whatever junk happens to be around. the only "workouts" i've done are my half hour physical therapy sessions when i'm at the chiropractor. trust me when i say that they aren't stenuous. i just don't trust this record. scale says my fat percentage is down two, and my water is up two. my muscle is only up a half point. i've had similar numbers before, but my total weight loss has been modest. so this is freaking me out

because if i actually dropped 6.6 pounds, i've lost my grief weight. if i actually dropped nearly seven pounds, i'm back at the top of my weight range. if this isn't a glitch in the system, i have only 10.8 to hit my new goal and 12.5 weeks to get there. i'm making ridiculous progress

or my scale is trying to psych me out before telling me i really gained this week... i want to be happy about the progress. i just won't be until wednesday