March 23, 2012

bitch is back?

so i've had this box open pretty much all day. got distracted by work stuff. got distracted by non-work nonsense. slacked off because the system i need went down. remembered i wanted to write a post... then went back to slacking. i don't know where my words are. i don't know where my time goes. i've been so neglectful of this blog for awhile. which, in a way, is neglectful of myself. this is where i sort through some of my shit, share my triumphs and get support through my struggles. i talk about wanting to blog more, but i don't. i talk about wanting to read more, throw parties regularly and enjoy being in my late 20s. am i? no, no and not really. writing this post is like pulling teeth from a hungry polar bear. there's so much i want to say, but it's hard to actually get it all out. everything and nothing has been happening since my last post

the condensed version: my boss is awesome. my internship is frustrating, not because of clients. friends and family are good. i need to fire my therapist. i'm coasting through class, but doing quite well. signing a lease for another year with pants. struggling with losing weight while enjoying all the carbs...  i think that covers everything

then i got an email that reminded me i opened this box five hours ago. i know i don't have much to say, but it needed to be said somehow. i'm kinda excited about what's coming my way (you'll find out soon enough ;)), and it's something that could seriously help motivate my jiggly ass. for now, i'm going to work on rededicating to myself across the board. i will not start 28 on a downer. that's for damn sure

Besides, the perfect time never arrives. You’re always too young or old or busy or broke or something else. If you constantly fret about timing things perfectly, they’ll never happen.
rework, jason fried

[ps only 10d 22h (to the minute) until i'm 28. ready or not]