August 22, 2011

beat the heat week8

Weight Wars
this week's questions:
  1. What did you do this week to work towards your goals?
  2. What did you do this week to make yourself feel fabulous?
  3. What has been your biggest challenge this week?
  4. Do you need neatness and order to feel good or does a bit of untidiness not bother you?
  5. Fun Question of the Week: Would you rather be attacked by 20 duck sized horses or 20 horse sized ducks?
question 1: (1) water water everywhere, and all of it got drank. i was away for a couple days, but still managed to get in my six glasses. it's easier when you purposely limit your options ;) (2) one workout at home and one mini hike got me through this week. i still need consistency, which i'm hoping to tackle this week (3) no problems here, even with my week away. i'm feeling increasingly confident in my new routine as each day passes. it's not always perfect, but it's WAY better than last year's "schedule" (4) trips out of town are crushing my gas budget while saving my groceries budget. i'm so glad this month is almost over so i can start fresh at getting back on top of things (5) nothing written since atlanta. i just don't feel like writing

question 2: not feeling fabulous, but not feeling crappy either. i got home yesterday and almost immediately got in the tub. it was perfect temp, too. i read for over an hour and never got chilly. i was going to take a nap afterwards, but got distracted. it was still a nice lazy afternoon

question 3: staying energized and focused. my period is around the corner so i was constantly exhausted/hungry all week. i wasn't working out because i chose to sleep later. no post work workouts either because i had plans almost every night. and i haven't been eating the best. excessive snacking and cookouts have been my undoing. i'm up another four pounds today :( i was trying to stay in check, but only partly succeeded. this week should be better since i'll be less tired and not constantly famished. ironically, i need another snack each day this week or i'll be way (unhealthily) under my targets. might pick up some granola bars on the way home

question 4: i can handle a small amount of untidiness, but i get overwhelmed by too much clutter. i start to feel claustrophobic when there are piles of stuff everywhere. i can focus on nothing else until they're cleaned up. it's the worst when class is in session. i'm most likely to let things go because of too much stuff to do, but i need everything to be clean before i can get anything else done. it's so frustrating

question 5: i think i'd opt for the horses. a tiny stampede seems less life threatening than being pecked by gigantic ducks :)

via things organized neatly
i love this tumblr! organizing/organized things make/s me happy. i would put everything in a nice labeled box if i could :) i'm planning to pick up a new bookcase and bins so i can reorganize my bedroom

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