May 19, 2011

wine & love3

welcome back to nora's wine & love series :) last week was just too atrocious for one post

reasons my glass is full:

- the entirety of last week's suckage. we're moving past it

- firefox4 not wanting to play nice with gmail. if i have gmail open too long, the whole browser has a seizure

- grades not being posted yet. i'm trying not to freak out, but i'm FREAKING OUT

- losing some of my healthy eating mojo. now that i need to eat to maintain, not lose, i don't know what to eat. i'm still meal planning, but i haven't found the right balance between too much and too little quite yet

- twiddling my thumbs and getting concerned about delays on this project because the guys are in training this week. the deadline involves clients and security audits so we can't move the end date

reasons i'm loving this week:

-  the easy, breezy (beautiful cover girl?) calmness of this week. such a relief to my nerves

- getting approved to work from home once a week during the summer, starting tomorrow :D

- i got the max extra credit in research methods, which will, i hope, make up for any dumbassery on the final

- exciting events this weekend! juli's graduating (finally!) from her graduate program, and i'm going to witness the magical moment. then wine in the woods with neal and his parents plus juli's graduation party on saturday

- having the time to get some business things sorted during work downtime. lol all we need to do is make a final decision on the firm's name so i can pull the trigger on all these forms. right now, that's our biggest issue so i think we're doing pretty darn well :)

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?