May 6, 2011

side projects

i'm bored. it's friday. i'm way less hungover than when i started this day (oh my cinco de mayo at 27 does not look so pretty). the shared printer is fucked up so i can't print my class notes to start reviewing. i have nada to do at work because my project is, shock of all shocks, on hold. we need to regroup since corporate security got looped in, and they're useless. bossman wants to meet, but he's been in other meetings all week. i'm going to be out monday and tuesday; he has meetings all of wednesday. so maybe we'll have a chance to chat thursday? *shrug* it is what it is. unfortunately, that means i get to be bored out of my skull at the moment. so i'm going to share some exciting news

i'm training to be a CFO. yes, Chief Financial Officer, of a for real company... well the company isn't exactly officially real quite yet, but it's going to be soonish. my life goals haven't changed, but i'm helping neal realize one of his life goals. for now, it's just a side hustle, but it definitely won't be one forever. we're still fleshing things out so i don't want to discuss too many details. but i have SO much research to do. all about monies! figuring out budgets, billing and benefits. love love love it! it's disgusting how excited i am about all of this :) seriously. who actually gets excited about business taxes?!

oh! oh oh! [via]
yea. totally me ;) neal's getting books; i'm putting a list together of brains to pick. we're also picking out friends for specific tasks. i guess that's another fun thing with starting your own business. you get to pay your talented friends to be their awesome selves... ha as i jot more notes because there are SO many things to think about. no longer bored; i have things to start doing :)