May 5, 2011

wine & love2

another installment of nora's wine & love series. thursday is the perfect day for this, too :)

reasons my glass is full:

- DC parking garages that have out of order credit card machines and force me to valet park for double what i wanted to pay

- drama from jesse's family. as he put it, they're "vindictive, stupid and cut throat". after next week, i hope we never have to deal with any of those assholes again

- still freaking out over my grades and bringing up my gpa out of necessity, not vanity. i think i'm poised to make it happen, but i could fuck it up with these finals. plus we have seven assignments, including extra credit and participation, between two classes that haven't been graded yet

- waking up at 6am, but falling back asleep at 730. waking up again an hour later, which is 15 minutes after when i wanted to be leaving the house, still needing to shower and eat breakfast. fun morning

- feeling broke the first week of every month because my biggest bills get paid that week (and the week prior). i budget everything so tightly to not create a tempting excess of funds in my favor. so there are a few days that i freak out about potential overdrafts. having my back up credit card denied doesn't help (misread the budget, and thought i had more available than i did. my bad)

reasons i'm loving this week:

-  my counseling prof letting me take the final early so i can support jesse. i'm not as worried about this final so moving it isn't causing extra stress

- getting to see jesse next week, even though the circumstances are totally fucked up. twice in one month makes my heart happy

-packages! my bathing suit, wellies, cardigans and planner pages all came in this week. it was almost like christmas!

-it's cinco de mayo. i have no plans other than studying and watching arrested development. i haven't ruled out having drinks at home though :)

- it's a beautiful day, and i'm leaving work a little early. i have to pick up stuff from campus (blech), but i'll get to drive with the windows down. my favorite

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?

ps - may have led everyone to believe i'm almost done with grad school on my previous wine & love. oops! i meant i'll be done with this semester; i still have another couple years before i'm totally done with school :)