April 28, 2011

wine & love1

nora started this wonderful meme, and i felt compelled to join in today :)

reasons my glass is full:

- there are only two weeks left of class, which includes three major assignments, one exam and two finals. starting to freak out

- work meetings scheduled at the precise time i wanted to have open for last minute cramming. should've blocked it out on the calendar...

- alabama and other parts of the south. will the earth ever get a reprieve?

- the insane rains the east coast have been getting. luckily, my part of maryland isn't flooded

- this whole obama birther nonsense. put on your hoods and find a cross to burn; we all know you're just racist assholes

reasons i'm loving this week:

-  there are only two weeks left of class; i can smell freedom!

- twitter and blog friends, in general, all day everyday

- this post touched my heart, and made me cry at work. you don't have to spend 24 grand like some of us (giant arrow over this girl) to help someone. you just have to be there

- attempts to make neal snort his water with my nonsense. not sure if mission was accomplished cause i was tweeting him from bed

- leaving weight watchers 67.8 pounds lighter than i started. i'm still digesting that accomplishment...

so what has you reaching for that second glass (in frustration or celebration)?