April 25, 2011

spring fever week4

Life's Journey with a Smile

this week's questions:
  1. What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
  2. What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
  3. _____________________ comes naturally to me.
  4. _____________________does not come naturally to me.
  5. I wish _____________________ came naturally to me.
  6. Fun Question:  What is your favourite Easter candy? Are you allowing yourself some this year?
question 1: (1) i'm up to three glasses per day, which means one in the morning and my water bottle the rest of the day. this is way easier than i thought it'd be (2) i went to yoga on saturday. my muscles are still mad, but i got a couple tips on how to make some postures easier on my knees. i'm glad i went to get my sweat on (3) also not a struggle. i missed my 830 deadline on wed by a few minutes, but i'm still counting it as a success. this week will be the true test cause i'm gonna be super exhausted (thanks, uterus) (4) i didn't have a specific task for this week, but i did manage to get my old shredding done. one less thing to worry about when i start going through my filing. this week will be all about copying recipes on to cards (5) i actually managed to do this! came in under on both my gas and grocery budgets this week. that being said, i'm so glad the month ends this week so i can have a fresh pool o' monies (6) this was a disappointment. i tried two weight watchers recipes and was impressed by neither. i still can't decide if i want to tweak them or completely nix them

question 2: i had talked myself out of yoga because of the budget. well, then i talked myself back in to it because i decided the expense was worth it. driving in to the district isn't ideal, but i really like the studio and the instructors. plus they have the cheapest classes and multiple pass option. $170 for 10 classes i have to use in two months or $150 for 10 classes i can use over a year? yea, bikram isn't that special to me. i don't plan to drop a grand for a year's worth of classes, most of which would be wasted. this way, i can go once a month as a little treat to myself. heh who would've thought of sweaty balls bikram yoga as a treat? especially for someone like me who thinks yoga is woo woo nonsense :p after yoga, i went to old navy to peruse their sale. i came home with yoga clothes and new sweaters. one of those sweaters... i only grabbed it because it was in clearance, even though it's a small. what could i lose by trying it on? i was shocked and pleased when it actually fit. two years ago i was admitting that i needed XL tops and 16 jeans. today, i'm strutting the town in S/M and 8/9 jeans :D that was definitely an ego boost

question 3: singing :) i'm no great soloist (singing in front of people TERR I FIES me), but i love singing. rocking out in the car, belting out drunken karaoke or humming along to adele while shopping at old navy. some days i have to stop myself from singing out loud at my cube :)

question 4: admitting when i'm wrong. obviously, no one likes being wrong, but it makes me twitchy. it's double frustrating when i am wrong, but i don't know/accept it until way after the heated discussion occurred. i always feel like more of an idiot saying "oh hey, by the way, that conversation we had two weeks ago? i was wrong about x. sorry for getting all up in your grill" cause i think a) the other person has forgotten or b) the other person didn't really care. but i can't just let it go. i randomly think about instances when i was wrong and how the conversation should have gone. i'm talking years later, people. that's the kind of nut i am

question 5: engaging offline as easily as i engage online. i dread meeting new people. every insecurity i've ever had comes bubbling to the surface when i'm forced in to a situation with all new people. i spend far too much time worrying about saying the right things and not being an asshole, even though i am an asshole. oddly, i actually have a filter online (except when it comes to swearing) and triple check things before posting them. i don't have that luxury face to face, which is super scary. i have a list of bloggers i would love love love to meet, which equal parts excites and terrifies me. i swear i am the same person; i just don't know how to behave in public

question 6: cadbury eggs! caramel is my favorite, and i will definitely be enjoying the ones mom got me. yea, i'm 27 and still get an easter basket. haven't we had this conversation before? ;) usually, we get a cute little basket with card, trinkets and candies. unfortunately, this year (like christmas) was short on funds. no big to me as long as i get my damn eggs. sudoku puzzles, desk decoration and a four pack off eggs (in a gigantic victoria's secret bag hahah) were just fine to me. won't lie, i was disappointed in the lack of card. i'm the unreligious child so mom gets creative with the card giving. those little things amuse me. at least there's always next year :)

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i bought a new bikini over the weekend :D i get a new one every two years, but had the urge to go off cycle this year. the top is plum; the bottom is eggplant. it shipped today, and i'm super excited. bring on the beach! (no, i don't let belly flub prevent my two piece awesomeness :p)

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