April 18, 2011

spring fever week3

Life's Journey with a Smile

this week's questions:
  1. What have you done this past week to help you achieve your goals?
  2. What did you do this past week to make you feel good about yourself?
  3. Are your SFC goals your ultimate goals or steps to your ultimate goals?  Do you find it easier to set big goals or do you like making mini-goals?
  4. What are some of your ultimate goals, things on your bucket list?
  5. Fun Question: If you could achieve only one more thing in your life, what would it be?
question 1: (1) water bottle and workouts to the rescue! weekdays were no problem again. however, unlike last weekend, this weekend was a breeze. i had two good workouts, and i always down a glass after working out. plus i finally had my last session for class. i filled up my water bottle beforehand since i use it as a method to slow myself down. i have a tendency to speak before fully thinking through what i want to say. i drank almost half by the time we were done with the session and review :) (3) it's getting easier to get up and out, even with my wed shift. i still haven't decided if i'm going to keep my late wed though. i like morning workouts, but i won't have a need to work so late starting in may (no more weight watchers meetings). i have contemplated more morning workouts, but i don't want to fiddle with the schedule too much just yet (4) i needed an extra day cause i'm laaazy, but i finally got my comps backed up. scratch that off the list :D (5) well i came in underbudget on gas, but went overbudget on groceries. so i changed my sunday plans to avoid also going over on my misc expenditures. not an easy or fun choice (6) i decided on two weight watchers recipes to try, and was all set to make them... then i just didn't feel like it. no big since, technically, i would've been a week ahead of my mac schedule

question 2: as much as it sucked, deciding to not take myself out for dinner, which would've come with complimentary dessert *sigh* my priorities are saving, and staying on budget is key to that. i keep thinking back to friday. because of my aggressive and obsessive saving, i would actually save more than necessary on two goals. i opted to recalculate both goals so that i can start contributing to one that's been on hold for months, my emergency fund. this fund is now my "i'm not working spring 2013" money so i'm double excited to restart it. i also started assessing other goals, which led to the creation of a brand new goal. i'm seriously not joking when i say i'm obsessed with saving and SmartyPig. knowing that i can pay for grad school without another student loan is one of the best things in the world :)

question 3: these are, mostly, steps towards ultimate goals. i used to set big goals, but never accomplished them. either because i didn't think about the steps it would take to get there or because i was too overwhelmed to implement anything. being on weight watchers forced me to look at incremental changes instead. my ultimate goal was to stay/get healthy, which broke down to eat healthy, workout and be mindful. those broke down in to more specific goals that i'm now using routinely. i am a giant leaps kind of person, but taking smaller steps has gotten me more successfully to my end point

question 4: good question! i'm never quite sure how to answer :) my life goals are not necessarily what i would consider bucket list items... i want to get married, buy a house, have babies and get a dog. i want to open my own counseling practice. i want to travel to europe, especially ireland. i want to really learn russian and american sign language. i want to retire to a cute little cottage in the "middle of nowhere" that still has awesome internet service and cell reception. i want to be able to leave money to my favorite organizations, charities and schools when i die. i want to get more tattoos... ok that last one isn't really an ultimate goal. i'm just really excited about getting more tattoos :) getting the first probably would've counted as a bucket list item. let's replace it with i want to read every book on the banned book list

question 5: financial independence. i don't want to live my entire life relying on loans and credit to pay for myself and my family. i don't want to end up like my parents who struggle every month to make sure that bills and expenses can be covered for everyone from my grandmother to my sister. i don't want to live paycheck to paycheck, having to decide if i'm going to pay the electricity or buy food for the week. i don't want to leave this world having to stick someone else with the bill... of course, this assumes i only accomplish one thing and then die immediately. cause nothing will hold me back from achieving all of my goals ;)

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