March 4, 2011

let go

sometimes you just need to release it into the universe. doesn't matter what it is; you just gotta let go. i didn't realize how much was wrapped up in my ball of it until tonight

every week in basic counseling we have a lab exercise to help us get comfortable with all the skills we're learning. there are three additional labs to be completed outside of class. i played client tonight for one of my classmates... the week i am all hormonal. the week i am desperately missing my girls. the week we were reminded of all the upcoming assignments and exams... in case you couldn't tell from my last post, i am uber stressed right now. so when i was thinking about what to talk about in our faux session, freaking out about school bubbled to the forefront. all was going well until i started talking about wanting to balance all the things in my life including my friends. then i started thinking about the girls, who i haven't seen in MONTHS. i almost teared up, but we moved in a different direction. thank god. i really didn't want to put that on him. dude this is just practice; i can't be spilling my crazy all over the place like that. we moved along the time management veins some more, and at one point he asked me how i felt. my response? it makes me want to curl up and cry. which is exactly what i want to do right now. right now for no other reason than to cry. because i just need to let go

do you ever get that feeling?