March 2, 2011

brain dump

i am intermittently reckless. maybe some hot pursuit will scratch the itch

some days i have tons of patience. others i just want to move in leaps and bounds. today is one of the latter

i'm overwhelmed by the things i need to accomplish in the next month for grad school

i'm excited to throw myself a birthday party. less so knowing that i will be one step closer to 30

i'm happy about my raise and bonus. the raise was more than i expected because i was at the lowest point of the range

i'm not happy that my raise is throwing off my tax estimates. this is why midyear increases are effing bogus

adele, regina spektor, florence + the machine, marina & the diamonds, eliza doolittle, feist, christina perri and christina aguilera got me through the afternoon. i ridiculously love them... just had to add janelle monae and v v brown. clearly this is a never ending list

i'm dreading tonight's weigh in. i know i gained, and i'm already in a crappy mood

i almost wore a spring dress and my flippy floppies to work. it was a gorgeous day

there were more than 10 items on this list, which made me squirmy. i cut the extras to reduce my already boiling mental distress...